Denali National Park

 How to get there
The easiest access to Alaska in general is by plane to either Anchorage or Fairbanks. After this you can travel to Denali either by train, car or bus. Denali National Park is located along Alaska Route 3, 240 miles north of Anchorage, 125 miles south of Fairbanks and 12 miles south of Healy. Inside the park the Denali Park Road is open to private cars for 14.8 miles. If you wish to go further into the park  it requires shuttle and tour bus services.

The Park Road Map of Denali

Park entrance fee:
Individual entry – $10 (7-day pass)
Family entry – $20 (7-day pass)
Gold Access Pass (disabled individuals) – Free
Golden Age pass (62+ age) – Free
National Park Pass (lasts for one year in all national parks) – $50

Denali National Park has a lot of activities to offer both summer and winter. This is some of them:

Sled dog kennel – Denali’s own husky farm offers you great tours into the wilderness.
Bus Trips – choose between shuttle buses, to experience the park on your own, or tour buses with guide. Tour buses includes either a snack or full lunch.
Cycling – This is a great way to enjoy the national park. You can start either at the park entrance, or maybe buy tickets for a shuttle bus and start cycling from whatever point you like. Please note that no repair stations are available along the road, so carry equipment to fix common problems. Also carry enough water.
Fishing – Note that Denali is not particulary known for its fishing. Most streams and rivers are poor fish habitat, but for those willing to scout out clear ponds and creeks, there may be a few fish available. In Wonder lake, trouts are  sometimes caught. You do not need a license to fish here, but the limit is 10 fish per day.
Photography – Denali offers spectacular photo opportunities for the nature photo enthusiast. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to capture the beautiful nature.
Skiing – During winter, skiing is a great way to explore Denali. Ski on the main road or follow the sled dog trails.  It is recommended to travel with a partner or group.
Camping – Igloo Creek, Morino Backpacker, Riley Creek, Sanctuary River, Savage River, Teklanika River and Wonder Lake are the Denali camp grounds. You may camp for a total of 14 days on one of the campgrounds. Please take precautions and  keep a clean camp, don’t feed animals etc. Also only put up fires in established places.

Denali is home to a great variety of birds and mammals, including a big population of grizzly bears and black bears.  Moose, wolves, foxes, hares, squirrels can all be found in the park. For birdwatchers, look out for waxgings, Arctic Warblers, pine grosbeaks and wheatears, not to mention the striking golden eagle.
Not all animals are common in sight – wolves are seldom spotted, but grizzly bears are more common through the park.  If you catch sight of an animal, please note that it is always safest to watch them from a distance. Feeding is strictly forbidden.

My visit to Denali?
I would like to visit Denali National Park, not only because I want to visit Alaska as a state, but also because of the beautiful nature, a wide range of acitivities and also the possibilities to see a bear in it’s natural habitat. I would use at least a whole day in the park, mostly taking photos as I am an eager amateur photographer. I would also like to take a sled dog tour during winter.


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